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We draw inspiration from history and world culture to bring you a range of truly unique pieces to capture the imagination. We currently produce design collections influenced by Celtic Art, Ancient Egypt, Native Americans, Nature, Mystery and Mythology.

Designed to stimulate impulse and gift buying, Zilver Designs produce a variety of unique talismans, symbolic and intriguing jewellery that comes gift-boxed and ready to retail. Since so many of our designs have rich and interesting historical and cultural influences we also supply informative and descriptive inserts with each piece.



Originality is the heart of Zilver Designs and to protect the exclusivity of the jewellery from which our clients benefit we require that you open a trade account with us to purchase your stock. Due to the nature of our design process we stipulate a minimum value of £200 on your first order, although this does not apply to any subsequent orders you place.

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Boxed Products

Packaging options

Boxed and Ready Retail
All our exclusive designs are available attractively boxed as a pendant and chain set, with a descriptive insert and ready to retail.

Elegant presentation appeals to your customers, encouraging sales and increasing your success. An example of one of our descriptive inserts: “Amethyst and Moonstone, Moonstone foster happiness, good fortune and hope. It is a good emotional balancer, and is a protector of women and nature. Amethyst helps relieve stress and promote inner peace.”


Item Alone

If you do not require gift boxes for your pieces, all our stunning designs are also available without presentation packaging.